I am an environmentalist based in Canada. I am a graduate of both Yale and McGill. Previously I have served as the President of Sierra Club Canada and am the founder of Carbonzero, one of Canada's most trusted providers of carbon offsets.

My path

Environmentalists are people who imagine how much cleaner, healthier, and safer our society can be, and who work toward evolving that into reality. Our job is to align human-made institutions — our social norms, our beliefs, our economy — with the environment that sustains our civilizations. This is especially important in times of massive change where the human footprint on the planet has the capability of overwhelming its natural systems.

When I was a college student at McGill University I was at the editor of Elements Magazine, a publications dedicated to environmental issues. While an undergraduate I also worked with others to push for a campus-wide environmental policy; organized a group of students to attend a national conference on campus sustainability; formed the first student/faculty/staff committee on campus environmental issues; and researched and wrote the first campus-wide environmental assessment of the school. I have worked as a communications expert on several federal, provincial, and local campaigns in British Columbia and in Ontario.

In 2007 Green Living Magazine named me an emerging environmental leader for my work as the founder of Carbonzero, one of Canada's most trusted carbon offset and greenhouse gas management firms. I started the company because I knew that the the transition to a sustainable society would not work without an economy that internalized the cost of carbon; nor would it happen without the support of the private sector.

Throughout these years I've supported the work of several non-profit organizations, including Sierra Club and Sierra Club Canada. A large reason why we understand the value of our environment is because of these kinds of organizations and the hard work of the volunteers and staff that educate us about them. I served on the board of Sierra Club Canada for two terms and as the organization's President between 2012-2013, the first person of colour to do so.

I hold a Master's degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies (with a minor in Political Science) from McGill. I split my time between Toronto and Vancouver in Canada and New Haven, Connecticut.

 Teaching students about climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula with the organization  Students on Ice .

Teaching students about climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula with the organization Students on Ice.